Pop’s Emergency Rations

The Pope is coming to town, and the experienced Nairobian is prepared for anything:

  • 25 liters of petrol for the generator (you never know)
  • Noise cancelling headset for the welcome salute at State House (I wonder if the Pope likes thundering cannons)
  • Complete set of West Wing to cover the spontaneous holiday (these days tend to drag on)
  • Family pack of fish fingers (for the family in need)
  • A radio to keep in contact with your Askari (is everthying still alright, soldier?)
  • Deep frozen German Apfelstrudel (to keep everybody smiling)
  • Mangos for the vitamin conscious (to have them around makes you feel healthy already)
  • Cheese Nachos (to crunch through the endless coverage on TV)
  • Beef franks (that go so well with noodles and ketchup, says little B.)
  • Chocolate and bagels (they’re just always good to have)